Sunday, 27 May 2012

Le Mans 2012 Weather Forecast

We have consulted our complex algorithms processed on rooms full of SuperComputers and concluded:

Monday, 9 April 2012

Las Vegas 2012

Having worked 24/7 from the start of October until the end of January (except for 4 days over Xmas) due to a colleague's illness, I had plenty of spare money to spend on a trip to use up my remaining week of holiday time. So I went to Las Vegas and won loadsamoney due to skill and cunning, not luck. I stayed at the Monte Carlo hotel as I could get a suite for the cost of a normal room at the more fashionable hotels. Misc Pictures:
Cars and Coffee Las Vegas - A Car meet in a strip mall parking lot in a suburb.
I took a stroll along the old railway line to the Hoover Dam:
A guided hike in the snow around Red Rock Canyon:
The picturesque Neon Boneyard:
The Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace casino:
Killing time before the flight home at Spring Mountain Ranch:

Kilimanjaro 2011

2011's adventure, a stroll to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Sadly it did not quite go to plan.

Le Mans 2011

The annual trip to Le Mans.
Le Mans 2011

Wheels Day 2011

The traditional Good Friday opening to the Car Show scene held at Aldershot's Rushmoor Arena, within walking distance of my flat. Mostly American cars, but with plenty of other interesting motorcars.
WheelsDay 2011

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Le Mans 2010

Yet another trip (#14?) to La Sarthe for a week of cold drinks and watching motorcars.

We had a decent crew of attendees this year, 6 in our sub-group who camped which 6 of Marshy's comrades plus meeting at the weekend with Dickie, Lucy, Martin the Plumber etc.

Despite forecasts of rain we managed to time movements so we were indoors or under canvas when the heavens opened.

Photos include Friday roadtrip out to the Classic British Welcome at St. Saturnin and the Hotel de France in Chartres-sur-le-loir.

We race itself seemed like it was going to be a Peugeot whitewash after they got the first four places on the grid, but dull German reliability won out with Audi taking the whole podium as each French car dropped out.

Le Mans 2010

Thursday, 11 March 2010

South Africa Trip Day Twelve

Today we went to Ngwenya Glass to watch some glass blowing (no cameras allowed for some reason) and then to Malotja reserve for a pootle around the tracks and admiring the view whilst eating petrol station pies.

According to the entry log at the reception we were the only two visitors inside the 4,500 acre park today.

South Africa 2010 - Day 12